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Quality Policy

Buckeye Hone Company's Mission Statement
Buckeye Hone Company's management and staff are committed to supplying its customers a quality product utilizing the following objectives:

Every order reviewed and produced in accordance with the customer's purchase order requirements, specifications and drawings.

We provide our customers with accurate and expedited delivery schedules that produce our customers' orders on time, every time.

So that our customers receive the right product the first time, Buckeye Hone Company inspects every item to the purchase order requirements before it ships to the customer.

It is the goal of Buckeye Hone Company to receive 100% effort from 100% of our employees 100% of the time to continually improve our processes and products.  Through this team work we can sustain with our customers in hard times, grow in good times and remain profitable throughout.

For over a quarter century Buckeye's desire to meet or exceed its customers' expectations by producing a quality product each and every time.

Do It Right the First Time
With in-process inspection and supervision, by checking every tube completely before it leaves our plant. Tubes honed by Buckeye can go right onto your production line.   We Guarantee Perfection . . . EVERY TIME.

Our Price Can't Be Beat
The Buckeye method of operation includes production incentives for "the first time right" and "fast". Because we don't create mistakes and because we work at maximum speed. . . you pay less for the very best.

We Deliver As Promised
Your time is money. So is ours. We keep to a rigorous and stringent production schedule. We work fast and accurately. This allows us to deliver exactly as we promise.

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